July 12, 2017

About Us

About Us

Here at Creature Less Comfort, we aim to deliver a cost effective solution for ALL your pest control needs wherever you are in Kent.  Whether you have a small office or a mansion, a little bedsit or a big factory we can offer a pest control solution to suit you. We understand that having unwanted pests in your home, or place of work can be distressing. So let us make the process of pest control as stress-free as possible for you. Our service is both discreet and professional.

This company came about because of my partner Mats’ passion and enthusiasm for Pest Control.  We both have previous lives that include but are not exclusive to…..Children, Teaching, Armed Forces and Lorry Driving. This opportunity came at a perfect time for us.

Being a family run business we do ‘take our work home’ not only by way of conversation but our phone line is open until 10 pm and have a 24 hr text line.  So far we have been privileged to attend a number of people’s houses late in the evening just to put their mind at rest or to empty a trap.

Well back to us. Let us start with Mathew; the practical part of the company.  As I mentioned Mat is very passionate about bugs and other unwanted house guests.  Mathew takes pride in his work and his knowledge is outstanding.  Mat has worked for a couple of Pest Control companies since gaining his qualification in Pest Control in March 2009.  One of his greatest stories is about a conversation he had with the Arch Bishop while completing his monitoring in the Palace.  It makes me giggle every time.

Mathew takes great satisfaction in knowing people are happy with his work.  the biggest problem he has faced in the past is the tight schedule he had for visits;  he strongly believes that if a job is worth doing it is worth doing to the best of your ability.  Mat enjoys talking to the clients and giving them hints and tips to minimize the risk of further issues, and, if that takes a little longer;  so be it.

Now my turn,  Bugs, and stuff don’t really do it for me, I love my dogs and people. (not necessarily in that order).  coming from a social care and teaching background I thrive on a challenge: hence agreeing to start a company with a focus I know nothing about.  I try really hard o be organised and am doing a pretty good job, so far.  I love nothing better than talking to and helping people which is a good thing, especially when you get a hysterical 80-year-old lady on the phone panicking about noises in her attic.  I schedule appointments and generally run the office.  Occasionally I accompany Mat on a job but very rarely.

That job falls to one of our daughters.  She loves it and is slowly learning the skills to enable her to play an active part in the company when the children start school but for now, I get to have them all to myself when she goes out with her Dad.