October 23, 2017



The Common Black Garden Ant

The Common Black ant is the main ant we see in and about the garden, they feed on sweet, sugary food and because of this we very often find they have made their way into our kitchen.  The Common Black ant is extremely strong and robust.  You can often see them carrying things back to the nest that are bigger than they are.

They live in nests that are normally around the edge of lawns or in cracks on a patio.  Their nests are normally about 5,000 in number but this number can increase to around 15,000.

The Yellow Meadow Ant

This ant is normally feared as they are often confused with the Red Ant, these yellow/orange ants are no more dangerous than the Common Black ant.  Still amazingly strong this ant will build nests in your grass. You will only know they are there if you disturb a mound or move something they have nested under, such as a paving slab.  The reason for this is that the mainly feed on small insects and such that they find underground.

If the nest is disturbed you may be lucky enough to watch the ants carry the large pale eggs to a place of safety.

The Red Wood Ant

This common Ant is the one that people worry about, if you accidently stand on or disturb the nest these larger red ants will bite.  Fortunately, these ants tend to live edges of wooded areas. They build their large mounded nests out of fallen pine needles and other tree or shrub litter. The size of the nest varies greatly and can contain more than 100,000 ants, however, this is often dependant on factors such as food and human traffic.