October 23, 2017

Clothes Moths

Clothes Moths

Do your beautiful Curtains have small irregular holes in?…………..

You will know if you have Clothes Moths when you start to notice little uneven holes appearing in your fabrics or small tubes made from fibres. From leather to silk the Clothes Moth can be the cause of what could potentially be an expensive infestation.

Well I can assure you that the Moth you see, either The Common Clothes Moth which is 6-8mm long and has straw coloured wings with a ‘hairy’ tip, or The 8-14mm long, Brown House Moth with brown wings and 2 or 3 darker spots on its back, is NOT what is eating your curtains and clothes. It may have done a few days prior to being discovered but it is the Larvae that will eat whatever they can. The Larvae of the Common Clothes Moth can be up to 20mm in length whereas the Brown House Moth larvae is smaller, measuring up to 10mm.

Although the adult Moth only lives for approximately 30 days she can lay up to 300 eggs in that time, although all species differ, Each and every one of these can, and will, feed on the fibres of your clothes.  They do not discriminate between a cheap polish cloth, your most expensive cashmere jumper or your lavish handmade curtains.

They will eat whatever fabric is available.

The female spends her time looking for the perfect, preferably unwashed, garment to lay her eggs near while the male is generally the one who flies around trying to find the ‘perfect mum’.

There are over 2,300 species of moths in the UK, the Brown House Moth and The Common Clothes Moth mentioned above are just a couple of moths’ that can cause damage to your soft furnishings an clothes.

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