July 12, 2017





CreatureLess Comfort will deal with ALL of your Pest Control needs from mice in the basement to wasps in the attic and everything in between.

We offer a cost effective and discreet solution with no hidden costs and a no nonsense approach to any of your pest issues.

Option 1 - Standard Pay per treatment.

Option 2 - Residential Contract: 6 weekly visits for monitoring, after initial treatment is completed.

Click HERE to view details about common pests and how we deal with them.  Remember; if there is anything you wish to ask just drop us a message.

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CreatureLess Comforts Pest control services are flexible depending on your company's needs.  There are 2 main services we provide for your work place.

Option 1 - Standard pay per treatment.

Option 2 - 1, 4 or 6 weekly visits for monitoring after initial treatment is completed.