July 26, 2017



Fleas are small wingless insects, they do not fly but are amazing jumpers. A flea can jump upwards (vertically) about 7 in (18 cm) and  across (horizontally) up to 13 in (33 cm), their large powerful back legs make this possible.  If you think about it 7 inches is about the size of an adults hand from wrist to fingertip and 13 inches almost twice that. This is a little like a 6 foot person humping over a building bigger than 1 and a half football fields. WOW




So that’s how they travel, now where do they live?

Fleas live in warm places where your pet, or human, spends time such as, bedding, rugs or throws on furniture and the edges of walls (skirting boards), Although they predominately feed on pets and will try to live on them if at all possible they will bite and feed on humans if they are in the same environment. However, they don’t live on humans but will ‘hitch a ride’ on their clothing. Thus, transferring the infestation from place to place.

You can have fleas if you don’t have a pet, sometimes if the person who lived in your property prior to you had a pet the flea will lay dormant in the larva for up to 5 months or until the vibration of living creatures and the carbon dioxide produced awakens them.